This, that and everything else…

Okay, so seriously…. HOW FAST DID THIS WEEKEND GO BY?

I mean, there I was leaving work early on Friday afternoon and now it’s Monday morning. I’m not complaining. I had a really nice weekend. *smiles* Just wish it was a little longer.

Btw, random fact for the day… today is 47 days till Christmas. Not that I have thought about that…

Why? Well, my birthday is soon, and until then, NO Christmas thoughts have entered my mind. My brothers have both indicated they will be coming to my mom’s place for lunch… I’m suggesting we go eat out, because I’m not doing dishes again. LOL!

Although this birthday will be a quiet one, just a braai with the family and maybe a few friends (still deciding on that). It’s not like it is a big birthday. I will be getting closer to the big 30… Although you are only as old as you feel, which should make me 19? 😛

Anyways, moving on…. I saw this challenge going around the blogs last week. Now I’m always up for a challenge, but this one is a little late, so I do apologise.

Questions and answers:

1 What do you put on hotdogs? (Boerie in SA). I put on fried onions, chutney or sweet chili sauce, whichever is near.

2 Do you check flyers before grocery shopping? Uhm, no… however I love looking at them. Like what I would get if I was a gazillionaire.

3 Blue, black, or some other colour pen ink? When I’m editing… then my colour is red. Everyone here who edits has a different colour, like blue, green, orange and purple… mine was supposed to be pink, but I felt more like a school teacher with red. LOL! On every other occasion, it doesn’t matter.

4 Look to your left. How many framed pictures are on the wall? One, but that’s the work’s framed picture… Not mine. J 

5 Do you know how to play chess? Honestly? NO!

6 How often do you clean the interior of your car? Once every two weeks when Bongani cleans it at work. He charges R 30 for the inside and outside of my car. J

7 Do you ever read the last few pages first? Depends on the book.

8 Ever fallen in the shower? No… well, not yet… lol

9 On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to swear at other drivers? 10! F**king stupid drivers!

10 Do you have a Snuggie? And what if I do?

11 Are you allergic to anything? Bees… Please read this in English and not Afrikaans. 😛

12 How many times do you hit the snooze button before finally getting out of bed? I don’t count… I guess 3 times… cause I open my one eye to check the time and then decide if I should get up or wait a little

13 Do you think that things will get better? What things?

14 What’s your favourite quote? I’ll try anything once, twice if I like it, three times to make sure – Mae West.

15 Did you/are you going to go to prom? I did yes, approximately ten years ago…

16 Have you ever walked out of a movie at the theatre? Uhm… not that I know of.

17 Do dogs like you? Yes, they do, however my dog has decided to change her loyalties… Traitor!

18 Would you say that you project an air of authority? Depends on the situation… but nah… I don’t think so.

19 What is one thing that you do exceptionally well? Be honest?  Give my opinion. LOL! But I have been told that I have a great telephone voice and I guess talking on the phone would be something I do well.

20 When was the last time you paid for music? Uhm… two months ago when I bought the Adele album.

21 Pick a person (you don’t need to give their name). How do you feel about them? Be as honest as you can get yourself to be. This is difficult… who do I pick?

22 Do you check your computer’s dictionary for the definition of words you’d otherwise feel confident about using during in-person interactions? Just to be sure? I only do that when I’m editing an article and the person has said something I don’t understand… and the dictionary isn’t next to me.

23 Have you ever gotten into an argument on the internet? Did you win?  Uhm, does this include playful bantering? LOL!

So there are my answers… I’ve noticed this is post number 100 for me, which proves that the closest relationships I have is with my blog and my BB.

Have a glass of champagne in celebration. 🙂





I think that’s enough of me for today… have an awesome Make out Monday.



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