I thought I’d share… :)

Hellooooo everyone.

Yes, I know, a bit chirpy today… maybe its because of what happened yesterday afternoon at around 14:45…. (I was told that I could share the story with my blog friends).

I was having one of those days… good and bad all rolled into one, see our mails at work aren’t working due to server problems so I get these angry mails from clients asking why we haven’t replied… anyways long story short I was standing by the fax machine when the phone rang in my office…

“Hello? Scarlet speaking”

The voice answered: “Scarlet, please come to reception. There is someone here for you.”

“Okay” I answered. Thats weird… I never get visitors, I thought to myself.

I get to reception and there is this strange man there, who says “Scarlet? These are for you, please sign here.”

And I look into this vase with red roses. “For me? Are you sure?”

The man starts laughing. “Yes, you are Scarlet?”

So, the receptionsist says “There is a card”.

I honestly can’t remember signing my name, but apparently I did cause he left.

I got to my office… opened the card and it said…

“Dear Scarlet. Just to brighten your day. Lots of love. Your secret admirer.”

And that did brighten my day.

I thought I’d add a pic, so that everyone can see how lovely my flowers look.


So, thats my story…. Have an awesome Tuesday.




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