A vampire post…

Asian wanted some Vampire boys…

 and let’s face it, seeing that I like vampires too,

 I thought I’d give it a bash…

 Here are a few boys and girls… (can’t forget about the guys)

 but please note, this post does not include all the vampire movies around.

 It merely serves as an eye-candy post, for everyone to perv over. 😉

 * PS these pics were found all over the web and don’t belong to me…

 and neither do the actors or the movies I’ve mentioned. 


 Let’s first start with Gary Oldman in Bram Stoker’s Dracula



 Then it’s off to Interview with a Vampire… Thank you Anne Rice.



 We will then move onto Gerard Butler in Dracula 2000



The Queen of the Damned….






 From Dusk till Dawn…



Then to the small screen.

Buffy the vampire slayer




Please note, that the post is about the vampires and not the slayers… 😉



Vampire Diaries


 And then how could I forget the Twilight phenomenon?

 Even if they do glow… or sparkle…


 So that’s all from me.

Have an awesome Monday.



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