Scarlet takes up the challenge… AGAIN!

I was going to post about something serious today, but then Bibi left a comment on my blog yesterday.

She said: “Check out my latest post 🙂 I think you’ll like it.”

I went over and there she gave us (the chicks) a challenge… to show our cleavage.

At first I was yeah sure, lets do this, but then I thought if Harmony is already bitching about Bibi being too white what will she say of my milky white skin that never sees the sun? Just to confirm, I’m no vampire… a vamp or a vixen maybe but no vampire.

Anyways, so then I thought lets photoshop the pic and make it black and white… but then you loose the contrast of the blue against my white skin… *sigh*

So, my dear readers… with much inner debate… I present to you… my cleavage…




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