A fond memory

I was running late this morning. Very late. Where I am normally at work at 07:15, I only rocked up at 08:05 and walked in the same time as the editor. *Insert face palm here*. Although it wasn’t a problem, because I only start work at 08:15, however, that is why my blog is being put up during my ‘tea-time’.

My work is about four blocks away from a certain high school in Brooklyn/Menlo Park and while driving through the burbs trying to get away from the traffic, I took a corner and noticed a few boys hiding behind the bushes of a certain house. They were smoking of course, but had that look of pure terror on their faces because I saw them. I looked at the watch in my car and it said 08:00. School must have started by now I thought to myself.

But then I thought about it… Bunking. Honestly, who has never bunked class. Be it high school or Varisty. We have all done it I’m sure. The only thing is not to get caught.

I was caught bunking once… and that before before a long weekend nogal.

Our school had an open veld next to it, and you had to walk through the veld to get to the main road. So, some of my friends and I decided to leave early. We would have to go to the tennis courts, over the trampled fence that was never fixed and we were home free. That was the easy part. The difficult part was carrying my one friend’s scooter over the fence. It wasn’t the easiest to do with school bags and all.

Believe it or not, but the get away car was none other than my dad. (Yes, I had a cool dad.) I arranged with him to pick my remaining friends and me up early. He was waiting at the designated spot at 12:00.

We were almost at the car when we heard shouting behind us. It was one of the secretaries from the office that worked half day. She caught us and was actually running after us.

All I could think of was that we were in HUGE trouble! When my dad got out of the car to ask her why she was shouting like a fish wife. My dad was a no nonsense man who spoke his mind and she was shocked. The look on her face was priceless, because she wasn’t expecting a parent to be aiding and abetting his child.

She tried to threaten us and said she is calling the principal, when my father proceeded to tell her we weren’t bunking, because he was there and as far as he was concerned we were let out early and he also said that we were leaving on holiday and we don’t have time to waste. She still tried to say something, but he said that if she wanted to “sort” us out, she could do so after the long weekend.

He turned around and told us to get into the car, and he drove my friends and I to our house. Needless to say when we got to school on Monday, the secretary never did call us “guilty” ones in to sort us out.

So with a smile on my face and a good memory in my head, I stopped at work and was hoping that the boys would enjoy their day off, cause you aren’t a teenager unless you’ve bunked school.

Btw… Happy Hump day!


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