Chicks and Bikes

About three weeks ago, we celebrated Biker Man’s 42nd birthday. So, he invited the family over to a braai at his place. Now, the thing is, I’m the laatlammetjie, my brothers are 14 and 16 years older than me and very overprotective as I’ve mentioned in a post before. Anyways, so while we are all standing around chatting, I ask quite innocently “so is driving a bike and four wheel drive the same?”  (Btw, I already knew the answer, I just needed a way to start the actual conversation.)

Biker Man gives me a look and asks why I’m asking. So, in one breathe and very fast words I said I was thinking of going for lessons, getting my licence and buying myself a bike, cause I’ve been noticing more and more chicks riding on proper bikes, not scooters, and seeing that my mom is retiring next year, I could use the bike to go to work with and she could have my car in case she needed to go anywhere during the day, cause work is only 10kms away. *breathe*

Btw, this is actually all their fault for getting me interested in bikes, cause they took me to a rally with them.

Casually Biker Man says well if I want to learn how to ride a bike he can teach me. He taught his wife afterall.

My jaw dropped.

“Seriously? You’ll teach me?” I asked all shocked.

“Yes, I’ll teach you on the Ninja.” (his bike I might add, and big step down from the Hayabusa he used to have, but thats a long story.)

All I could say after that was cool, cause I never expected them, especially him to actually like the idea.

Now tomorrow is the model’s 21st birthday party and I’m going to find out when I can start with these lessons… just in the yard for now and if it goes well, I’ll go for my bike licence… So, who knows, interesting times ahead?

Anyways, TGIF!



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