Day Five


(1) Telling my brother of my first kiss. When the guy came to my house again, my brother chased him away. I have never been so embarrassed in my life!

(2) Failing subjects in my second year, because I was just plain lazy. Looking back now, it’s something I should have never done.

(3) I should have never laughed at my friend when he asked me to the Matric dance. I thought he was joking. I really did. I honestly didn’t know that he was interested in me in ‘that’ way.

(4) Lending my books to my sister-in-law… she lent them to someone else who lost them. NEVER AGAIN! (Btw, I need to remind her that she should replace them.)

(5) I should have never said that I’d go to my reunion in November… (a week after my birthday!) I might still cancel. Actually, I’m thinking strongly about cancelling.

(6) I should have never pushed myself so hard and put up with so much stress that I got physically sick. My body said to here and no further… its still a work in progress though.


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