Day Three

So on Friday, at around 13:00, we received an e-mail at work saying that because we didn’t have water, and didn’t know when the water would come on, we could go home. In my rush of running out the building, I forgot the most important part of my life at the office. A little green pencil bag, with my 3G card in and all my memory sticks. *sigh* Hence no updates on the challenge. However, it’s Monday, and here is the next part.


1. Be a gentleman, be a friend, be a flirt with me. In fact flirting with me is a good thing. Woo me. Tease me. Tempt me. Entice me… and you will be rewarded.

2. Communication… it takes two to have a conversation, it takes two to make a relationship work and it takes two to be honest with one another, and honesty is very appreciated!

3. Acceptance of my family. We are a small family, and close to one another. So, they will always want to know my business and my brothers feel they have to protect me so be warned.

4. Know what’s happening around you in the world, have confidence in yourself and don’t be a chop! Treat people as equals, whether they are waitresses or doctors. No person on earth is stupid. Special maybe, but never stupid.

5. KISS – keep it simple sweetie. Life is about simple things. Beautiful things. Uncomplicated things. For example: If you decide to buy me flowers for my birthday, think sun flowers or daisies rather than roses. Oh and the actual KISSING is a bonus too 😉

6. A sense of humour. He should know that my sense of humour can be warped sometimes, so his acceptance of that would be great.

7. Be okay with my movie star crushes and my love of movies, reading and the music I play in my car. Also, no laughing at me if I cry in chick flicks, rather get up and go fetch the tissues 😉

8. See below:




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