Day Two



1. I bite my nails.

When I stress, I tend bite my nails. So to stop myself from doing so, I paint them black. Why? Well, see I’m not a fan of liquorice, so when I bring my nail up to my mouth to bite it reminds me of liquorice and I stop immediately.

2. Neatness is not my strongest point… especially at home.

At work I am a neatest person. My desk is the epitome of neatness, everything has its place. However, at home it’s a whole other story! But I admit, when life gets too cluttered, I pack everything right from my wardrobe to my bookshelf and even the DVD shelves. Btw, it normally rains or snows when that happens 😉

3. I might have trust issues.

It takes me a while to trust people, but once you have my trust you have it for life. However break my trust and it is very difficult to get back. When I meet people for the first time, I tend to scope out the situation before being too friendly, and because of that I’ve been called a snob.

4. I love movies.

I have a DVD collection that has over 170* DVDs in it. My biggest worry is that someone will break into our house and steal them all, and that the insurance won’t believe that I have so many when I claim for them. Btw, I keep them organised in alphabetical order and I carry around a list with me so that I don’t buy doubles. I am also fond of really old movies.

(* This is an estimate as the DVD collection is still growing.)

5. I have tattoos.

I have two tattoos, but hopefully that will change in December when I add another one, or that’s the plan anyways. The one is a 10cm Celtic cross on my right leg and the second is a Celtic knot with a Clover in. The Celtic knot means never ending love and the Clover, well that’s for luck. Btw, its on my right wrist.

6. I can’t dive into a pool.

My brothers taught me how to swim, and even though they taught me how to dive into a pool, I just can’t. Call it a phobia, but its something that I just can’t do.

7. I love taking photos.

I am a photographer in my spare time and I love taking photos of people in their natural surroundings when they don’t know I’m around. Personally I feel unposed photos make the best photos.

8. I am terrified of mice.

I am not scared of spiders or other creepy crawlies, but I am terrified of mice, hamsters, well, any kind of rodent really. There’s something about them that just freaks me out.

9. I am a reality TV fan.

My current obsession is with SA Idols. I vote for Freddie on a weekly basis and I think he is cute.




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