If you want to know the ending… Read the book!

I’m a fan of the whole “Twilight” thing… yes, I can imagine many of you cringing at the thought, but I like all vampires, even if these do sparkle. I’m loading the trailer for those of you who haven’t seen it. 🙂

Anyways, this isn’t the point of the post….

The point of my post is that my nephews (the model and the blonde one) don’t read. At 20 and 18, they ask me whats going to happen in the movies and how its going to end. Take Harry Potter for instance. We (my nephews and I) have a tradition that since the first movie, came out we have gone to watch it. But I’m the one who is the eager reader. I’m the one who has all the books and I’m the one who has read them all.

We then go to the cinema and they want to know the ending.

This is the part where I lie to them, mainly because I feel, if they want to know the ending, pick up the book and read it. I have my younger nephew convinced about a few things, that I know won’t be happening in the movie, but I feel why make it easy for them?

The same with Twilight. We all know Bella falls pregnant, but he wants to know who is the father? Well, I had fun spinning that story too. Muahahaha.

So, there you have it… I can’t wait for the looks on their faces on Saturday. 🙂

Anyways, have an awesome Tuesday everyone.


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