Another shock!

Once again, I can’t emphasise how short life is. Seriously!

The other day we had a memorial service for (1) my uncle and then (2) a man who I have known since I was 15. One of my mom’s bosses.

I had hoped that, that would have been the end of the bad news. I was wrong.

On Saturday morning. My mom received a call from our friend. After the phone call, my mom made me pull the car off the road (as we were on our way to go shopping) and told me the sad news.

One of our close family friends, died after having a MASSIVE heart attack. He was only 44. I was shocked at first. It took about 30 minutes for the news to sink in, and when it did, I was at the Wimpy drinking coffee. I cried. Cried for a friend who we will never see again. I cried for his wife who loved him dearly. I cried for his son and daughter who are still young. I think I cried for everyone who will miss his jokes, his smile and great hugs.

I think this has once again proved, that we shouldn’t be living life as a robot. One who wakes up, goes to work, comes home, spends a little time with the family (if we aren’t working late) and goes to bed to wake up to the whole same routine again. We need to enjoy little things too. May it be a great cup of coffee, or meeting a new friend. If its only to hug your kids a little longer or go bungee jumping off the Soweto Towers…

We need to enjoy our lives, because there might not be a tomorrow for us to see.

Anyways, take care and enjoy what’s left of your weekend.


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